Saturday, 13 January 2018

Highway 1 Re-route

Up until recently, we had planned to do the stretch of Highway 1 in California known as the Pacific Coast Highway. Over the winter, parts of this beautiful route have been devastated by mudslides. It is well-documented on the internet - here is one example.

The authorities are spending many millions of dollars trying to get the road fully open, but the slide at Mud Creek was so severe that it is unlikely to be open until late summer 2018. Given that we had planned to do PCH at the beginning of August, it is too risky for us to solidify our plans at this stage, so we've taken the decision to re-route that part of the trip. As lovely as PCH is, we've done it before so is not a massive spanner in the works.

We'll be doing Pinnacles National Park a day earlier, which means we have an extra day to play with. This gives us an opportunity to tick yet another National Park off our list, as we will now be doing Sequoia National Park. I wouldn't say the landslides are a blessing in disguise, given the effect they've had on the environment and the people of the area, but we are certainly looking forward to our enforced re-route!

Saturday, 23 December 2017


We are only driving through Mississippi on our way from New Orleans to Memphis but we will still have a whole day to take in this Southern State. 

Our drive is going to take us up the I-55 to Jackson where we are going to head off the interstate onto the Old Blues Highway (route 61). 

We are 'popping' back into Mississippi after Memphis to visit Elvis Presley Birthplace & Museum in Tupelo. For years, there was nothing to see in Tupelo except the tiny home in which he was born but now there are 15 acres of trees, lawns, and ancillary attractions, including a small museum, the church where Elvis learned to love gospel music, and a statue of Elvis at age 13, the year his family packed up and left for Memphis. 

Towns of Interest: (FB) = FirebreakJackson
National Parks:N/A
State Parks of Interest:N/A
Places of Interest: (N) = Night StayGulf Islands National Seashore (Picturesque untouched beaches, three historic forts, local wetlands and a preserve of Naval Live Oaks)

Jackson (Drive through)
Route 61Devil’s Crossroads, Junction U.S. 161 & 49, Clarksdale (trio of electric guitars on a pole marks where legend says that musician Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil for the ability to play the blues)
Elvis Presley Birthplace & Museum (306 Elvis Presley Dr, Tupelo, MS 38801 - The Elvis Presley Birthplace is a historic museum site in Tupelo, Mississippi dedicated to the preservation of the birthplace of American musician Elvis Presley, as well as listed on the Mississippi Blues Trail)
Routes of Interest: Route 90 (Gulf Islands National Seashore)
Old Blues Highway (Route 61 between Memphis and Vicksburg)
Where to Stay:N/A
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Nebraska and Iowa

Whilst researching Nebraska, I came across this article - an elderly couple were stopped in Nebraska with 60 pounds of weed they were delivering as Christmas presents to family. Their poor family are going to be devastated this Christmas with no stocking fillers!

We're planning to camp at Victoria Springs State Park whilst in Nebraska. It is supposed to be a very relaxing and peaceful park to visit, a reminder of the days when spas and mineral springs were visited by those looking to improve their health and well-being.

Iowa, a Midwestern U.S. state, sits between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. It’s known for its landscape of rolling plains and cornfields. We're only going to be able to see a small corner of this state as we pass through Sioux City. Whilst in Sioux City, there are a couple of sights we're aiming to see which includes the United Airlines Flight 232 crash memorial.

Towns of Interest: (FB) = FirebreakN/A
National Parks:N/A
State Parks of Interest:Victoria Springs State Park
Places of Interest: (N) = Night StayRoute 2 (Scenic route through the different landscapes within Sand Hills - huge systems of Sand Dunes compared with Sahara)
Nabraska National Forests and Grassland
Victoria Springs State Park (Spring water considered a tonic and cure)
Broken Bow (modern town to restock with supplies)
Routes of Interest: Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway (Rte 2) - from Thredford
Where to Stay:Victoria Springs State Recreation Area
State park camping ($19) - NB: you need a permit $6 per day to enter the park
Useful Links:

Towns of Interest: (FB) = FirebreakSioux City
National Parks:N/A
State Parks of Interest:N/A
Places of Interest: (N) = Night StaySioux City (N) War Eagle Park (Statue of Chief War Eagle Wambdi Okicize)
Fourth Street Historic District (Two city blocks from Virginia Street to Iowa Street - bars, restaurants and local shops)
Chris Larson City Park (1989 United Airlines Flight 232 crash memorial)
Milwaukee Railroad Shops Historic District (six-stall railroad roundhouse with a working turntable, red brick shop buildings, tracks and smaller shop buildings)
Routes of Interest: N/A
Where to Stay:Sioux City
Marina Inn Hotel & Conference Center ($99)
Knights Inn & Suites South Sioux City ($40)
Howard Johnson Sioux City ($52)
Rodeway Inn & Conference Center ($55)
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Ohio and Indiana

We are not staying any nights in Ohio or Indiana, we're actually only touching the edges of these states which is a real shame but 6 months is just not long enough!

For Indiana, we are stopping off at Indiana Dunes State Park on our way from Chicago to Dearborn. The park is located along the southern tip of Lake Michigan and it known for its breathtaking scenery. I am hoping we're going to be able to stop off for a couple of hours to explore the sand dunes, relax on one of the beaches and take a couple of short hikes.

A far quicker way of getting from Michigan to Niagara Falls would have been to drive through Canada but we're not sure that once we leave America, they will let us back in even with visas! So we're playing it safe and we're going to go the long way around which means we're driving along the edge of Ohio.

There are two routes we're aiming to take in Ohio:

Route 2 - also known as the The Cleveland Memorial Shoreway - It closely follows the shore of Lake Erie and connects the east and west sides of Cleveland via the Main Avenue Bridge over the Cuyahoga River.

Route 6 - also know as Historic Route 6 - It is the second longest highway in the USA and runs from from Bishop, California to Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Hopefully the extra time this adds to our trip will be worth it!

Towns of Interest: (FB) = FirebreakN/A
National Parks:N/A
State Parks of Interest:Indiana Dunes State Park
Places of Interest: (N) = Night StayIndiana Dunes State Park
Indiana Dunes Visitor Center
Beaches, woods and trails
Routes of Interest:N/A
Where to Stay:N/A
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Towns of Interest: (FB) = FirebreakCleveland
National Parks:Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Not Visiting
State Parks of Interest:N/A
Places of Interest: (N) = Night StayRoute 2 then Route 6 to Cleveland
Routes of Interest: Route 2 (From Oregon to Sandusky SR 2 is part of 293 miles (472 km) of the highway designated the "Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail")

Historic Route 6 (Historic U.S. Route 6 is the oldest, longest and highest of the old roads. The historic Highway is 3,652 miles long, with a high point of 11,990 feet. It runs from the waterfront in Long Beach, California through 14 states to the waterfront at Provincetown, Massachusetts which is located at the tip of Cape Cod.)
Where to Stay:N/A
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Thursday, 21 December 2017


California is our favourite state, although saying this before the trip is probably a bit unfair since we haven't seen all the states yet!

As we have been to California a number of times, we knew exactly what we wanted to see again and what we were happy to miss. Whilst we love San Fran, we were happy to miss it this time and instead visit Pinnacles National Park, somewhere we haven't been before. Lassen Volcanic National Park and Redwood National Park are also new places we haven't been before, mainly because we've never been to the top of this state.

The one place we both agreed we didn't want to go to again was LA. Neither of us enjoyed our time in LA in the past, it is far from the glitz and glammar you see on the TV.

There were a couple of places we have been before but just couldn't cut out - Yosemite, Death Valley, San Diego and Lake Tahoe. Although some of these places we would have been 3-4 times already, we just love them so much, we couldn't resist going again!

Towns of Interest: 
(FB) = Firebreak
San Diego (FB)
National Parks:Channel Islands National Park - not visiting
Pinnacles National Park
Yosemite National Park
Kings Canyon National Park - not visiting
Sequoia National Park - not visiting

Death Valley National Park
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Redwood National Park
Joshua Tree National Park - not visiting
State Parks of Interest:Andrew Molera State Park
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
Morro Bay State Park
Places of Interest: (N) = Night StayDeath Valley
Stovepipe Wells (Small oasis named for its historic site)
Devils Cornfield (Odd looking clumps that resemble corn shucks is actually an arrowwood plant ontop of pedestals of soil from the wind and water)
Salt Creek Interpretive Trail (Short trail over a dirty path and broadwalk to see the desert)
Harmony Borax Works (Borax "cottonballs" were gathered from the valley floor and transported across Death Valley. Museum explains more)
Furnace Creek
(N) (Check out the vistors center, museum, golf course and tennis)
Zabriskie Point (710 foot overlook, the view is breathtaking - best viewed early morning or late afternoon)
Devils Golf Course
Badwater Basin (Lowest point)
Morman Point (Death Valleys most ancient rock)
Shoshone (Historic rail road town)

Needles (N)

San Diego (N)

Highway 1
Santa Monica Pier (a large double-jointed pier at the foot of Colorado Avenue with an iconic entrance, the pier is popular with residents and visitors as a landmark that is over 100 years old)
Santa Barbara
El Capitan State Beach
Morro Bay State Park (Morro Rock was created by a volcano just north of Morro Bay's inlet. This state park is crossed by trails and hs a history museum. Its a great spot to get an overview of the natural attractions of the area.)
Piedas Blancas (year round gathering spot for elephant seals)
Jade Cove (Route 1 skirts Sand Dollar Beach - an excellent spot for seaside picnics, the comes to the signs and turnouts at Jade Cove. Take the short walk to the area's pebbled beaches, which are hemmed in by sea carved cliffs, and search for bits of jade)
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (1,000 above sea level on Route 1. Must do Overlook Trail, which traverses the clifftop above the ocean. Look down on McWay Cove where a creek finishes its journey with an 80 foot waterfall tumbling down at the seaside)
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (This part of Route 1 swings inland, passes through the sparsley populated town of big Sur, which lies scattered along the valley of the Big Sur River. One of the best ways to explore the wilderness in the area is to visit this state park. A hike up to the narrow river can take you to the refreshing pools edged with smooth boulders.Trails also lead through a redwood grove to waterfalls and fishing spots. For a mile south of this park enterance is Sycamore Canyon Road which leads to Pfeiffer Beach. This quiet oceanside stretch has small patches of beach, rocks and caves)
Andrew Molera State Park (N) (Wind sheltered beaches, set cut cliffs, flower filled meadows, free-flowing rivers and a 3,450 foot moutain)
Point Sur State Historic Park (Massive dome-shaped volcanic rock which is park of this park. Worth seeing the lighthouse)
Bixby Bridge (stop and enjoy the dramatric overlook. Pull over at the bridge's northern end for the best view of the land, sea and bridge)
Carmel-by-the-Sea (Patchwork of cottages, shops, gallaries, sandy beaches and a spanish mission. Follow the scenic road to the Carmel River State Beach, a less crowded sea shore)
17 Mile Drive (Toll road loops the Montrey Peninsula)
Pacific Grove (For spectacular vista by following Ocean View Boulevard along the shores of Monterey Bay, stopping off at Lovers Point Park and Point Pinos Lighthouse. Sunset Drive with good views, parallels the pacific side of the peninsula and leads to Asilomar State Beach, where the sand is perfect for strolling)
Monterey (Try the well marked walking tour that goes through the historic district)

Pinnacles National Park (east enterance) (Nx2)

Mariposa Grove Museum (2 mile spur road takes you to Mariposa Grove of giant sequoias - museum and tram tour highlight the trees and the sites)
(N) (Little village in Yosemite - nice place to stop for a little wander)
Glacier Point (16 mile spur road that encompasses some of the best vista's in Yosemite. The first stop is Badger Pass and it is where skiing is done in the winter)
Yosemite Valley

Lake Tahoe (Nx2)

Lassen Volcanic National Park
(N) Route 89 (Leads to visitors center and viewing areas - snakes through skirting steam vents, boiling mudpots, gaseous fumaroles, and cone shaped moutains of cinder and ash)
Broadwalk (Leads to many of the sites, and visitors are advised to stay on the trail because parts of this region where the Earth's molton interior escapes to the surface have been known too collapse)
Lassen Peak (Volcano that errupted in 1914 and the parks tallest volcano)

Eureka (Charming bayside town recalls California's gold rush days. Lots of Victorian houses line the picturesque streets. Has a busy harbor and an Old Town with lots of shops and eateries all in vintage buildings )

Redwood National Park (Nx2)
General Sherman (Pictured on thousands of postcards and posters. This tree is 83 metres high and has a diameter of 11 metres. It is considered to be more than 4,000 years old and was hollowed by a forest fire 800 years ago)
Fern Canyon (Used in the backdrop of jurassic park and walking with dinosaurs. One of the most mysical areas of the National Park. Moss and ferns dripping from either side of 50 foot canyon walls, really good in the morning)
Scenic Drives (lots of scenic roads in the park including Howland Hill, Coastal Drive, Newton Drury and Davidson Road)
Routes of Interest: Highway 1 (Coast road)
17 Mile Drive (Monterey scenic drive)
Highway 101 from Leggett to Cresent City (coast road for the north of the state)

Route 119 (from Crescent City to Oregon) - 33 mile scenic drove through spectacular moutain scenary - not doing
Where to Stay:Death Valley
The Ranch ($179)
The Inn ($309)
Fiddlers’ Campground ($18) - opposite The Ranch - With your nightly rental, guests enjoy the Ranch’s natural spring-fed swimming pool, shower facility, coin operated laundry and sports courts including a Tennis Court, Shuffleboard, Volleyball, Bocce Ball and Basketball Court

Needles KOA ($30)

San Diego
El Rancho Motel ($136) - on Coronado
Howard Johnson Express Inn National City/San Diego South ($96)
Comfort Inn Gaslamp Convention Center ($191)
Embassy Suites San Diego Bay - Downtown ($165)
Coronado Island Inn - B&B 

El Capitan State Beach
El Capitan State Beach Campsite ($35)
Ocean Mesa RV and Campground ($70)

Andrew Molera State Park
Andrew Molera State Park Campsite ($25) - FCFS Only
Alternative is to Camp at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park ($35)

Pinnacles National Park
Pinnacles Campground ($23) - is accessed only from the east side of the Park as there are no connecting roads between the two entrances of Pinnacle

Yosemite (Wawona) 
Wawona Campground ($26) - must be booked 5 months in advance

Yosemite (Village)
Lower Pines ($26)
Upper Pines ($26)
North Pines ($26) 

Lake Tahoe
Camp Richardson Camping ($45)

Lassen Volcanic National Park
8 campgrounds in the park - 4 can be reserved and 4 are FCFS:

Butte Lake ($15)
Volcano Adventure Camp - kids one
Juniper Lake ($12)
Manzanita Lake ($24)
Summit Lake North ($22)
Summit Lake South ($20)
Southwest Walk-in ($16)
Warner Valley ($16)

Redwood National Park
There are four campgrounds in the park:
Jedediah Smith ($35)
Mill Creek ($35)
Elk Prairie ($35)
Gold Bluffs Beach ($35)
Useful Links:


We are spending a lot of time in Florida - 18 days! Some of these days are at the start and the end of the trip when we will be sort out things like a car, camping equipment and just relaxing on our last few days of holiday but there is also a lot to see and do in Florida, and that's without seeing Mickey Mouse!

We nearly made the very tough decision to miss Key West given we have been there before and it adds on about 4 days to our trip but it was were we got engaged over 7 years ago so didn't seem right not paying it a visit on our Honeymoon.

We are driving through the Everglades twice, firstly from Miami down towards Key West and then going from Key West over to the West Coast. Last time we drove through the Everglades, it was during as massive storm and we were both too scared of getting out of the car and exploring in case we were struck by lightening! Hopefully this time we can see a bit more of this National Park and maybe get in some trials.

We haven't completely missed all the theme parks in Florida, we're actually going to see a natural theme park, Ichetucknee Springs State Park. This park contains a natural lazy river. You can hire a tube (blow up doughnut thing) and lazily flow down the river for 2 hours before being picked up by a train which takes you back to the beginning. Sounds like our type of theme park!

Towns of Interest: 
(FB) = Firebreak
Miami (FB)
Key West
Fort Myers
St Augustine
National Parks:Biscayne National Park
Dry Tortugas National Park
The Everglades National Park
State Parks of Interest:The Barnacle Historic State Park (Miami)
Bahia Honda State Park (Keys)
Ichetucknee Springs State Park (Gulf Coast)
Places of Interest: (N) = Night StayMiami Airport / Downtown (Nx3)
The Metro Mover (10 minute shuttle around Miami - best way to see downtown)
Bayside Market Place (Eating, drinking, shopping - best place to park downtown)
Bicayne Bay Boat Trips (completed previously - will not repeat)
Little Havana (11th - 17th Avenues- Cuban area of Miami) 

Coral Gables and Coconut Grove
Coral Gables Driving Tour (14 miles - best counterclockwise on Sun and Wed) - See Screenshot from book
Coconut Grove Village (Pretty village to drive around)
Dinner Key (Huge Marina and Sea Plane Base)
Shrine Our Lady of Charity / Ermita De La Caridad (Church - First turn north of Mercy Hospital)
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Italian Renaissance-style villa and formal gardens)
The Barnacle Historic State Park (A glimpse of frontier life during The Era of the Bay)

Airboat Tour (Buffalo Tiger Airboat Tours) 

The Everglades National Park (Towards Keys - 76 mile round trip)
Ernest F Coe Visitor Center (Best place to start in the park - there is a good video giving an overview of the park)
Royal Palm Visitor Center (Located at 4 miles - there are two short trails here that are worth a stroll - Gumbo Limbo Trail and Anhinga)
Anhinga Trail (1/2 mile trail along a broadwalk which skirts the shallow freshwater slough. Home to 18 dfferent grasses and flowers, you will certainly see alligators and birds including the one the trail is named after. If there is one running, it is worth doing the ranger led version of the trail - times for this at the Vistor Center)
Gumbo Limbo Trail (1/2 mile trail, named for a tree whose peeling red bark gives it another name: tourist tree. The trail takes you to a hammock, an elevated island of tropical hardwood - including gumbo limbos and stranger figs - in a sea of saw grass)
Pinelands Trail (Located 7 miles along the road, this 0.75 trail takes you through the pines that once covered Florida)
Pinnacle Rock (A very short broadwalk stroll that leads to this sample of the porous limestone that is Southern Florida's bedrock)
Pa-hay-Okee Overlook (At mile 13, this overlook meaning "grassy waters" is the Indian name for the Everglades. A boardwalk takes you to a shaded observation stage where you can look out on a seemingly endless prairie of grassy waters)
Mahogany Hammock Trail (Located at 19.5 miles, this is where a broadwalk leads to the largest living mahonany tree in the USA)
Flamingo (Take a board tour from the Marina. It is 2 hours long and enters the Buttonwood Canal, built in 1957. Among the mangrove you should see crocodiles. The cruise crosses Coot Bay and enters White Water Bay, where backcountry canoeists camp on chickees, tent-size platforms raised on poles)
Florida Bay (While you are waiting, take the self guided half-mile walk around the waterfront to see Florida Bay, a marine nursery protected by the park)
If you want to stop for a picnic, try Paurotis Pond (at 24.5 miles), Nine Mile Pond (at 26.5 miles) or West Lake (at 30.5 miles)


Biscayne National Park
Enterance a Convoy Point (Miami)
Glass bottom cruise (3 hours)
Dante Fascell Visitor Center 

Big Pine Key
Bahia Honda State Park
National Key Deer Refuge 

Key West (Nx2)
Southernmost Point
Duval Street 

Dry Tortugas National Park
Organised trips from Key West
Garden Key Harbor Light
Fort Jefferson - self guided tour
Bush Key - Swim to or land bridge

The Everglades National Park (Towards Naples - 49 miles one way)
Follow The Tamiami Trail (US 41)
Shark Valley Visitor Centre (15 mile loop road only accessible on foot, by bike or on a 2 hour narrated tour on a concessioner tram. Here you will see alligator trails leading to hammocks in sea grass, alligators and wading birds. A pathway leads to a 65 foot tower looking down on the vista that became the name: glades that seem to go on forever. Its a great place to spot turtles, alligators, wading birds, hawks and kites)
Big Cypress Swamp National Preserve (Return to US 41 which veers northwards into this preserve which is part of the Everglades eco system. Most of the water flowing into the park comes through four floodgtes that you can see north of the highway along the park boundary. At Fla. 29, turn south for Everglades City)
Oasis Visitor Center (visitor center for the Big Cypress Swamp National Preserve)
Everglades City
Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk

The Gulf Coast

Sanibel Island (N)
Captiva Island (Only visit if you have time - Sanibel has better shells on its beaches but Captiva has better restaurants for dinner. Plus the sunsets on Capitva Beach are very romantic. The beaches are quieter but parking is difficult)
Periwinkle Way (Island's main thoroughfare is home to several restaurants and shopping opportunities. Consider purchasing a kitschy souvenir at Tiki Jim's, browsing for beaded jewelry at Valhalla and noshing on a char-grilled hot dog at Schnapper's Hots. Recommend renting a bike as there is a path that links all the shopping spots together)
Bowman's Beach (well known for having beautiful, unusual shells, but you'll have to put a little effort into finding the true gems along this beach. Recent travelers found the best method is to step waist-deep in the water and dig your feet into the sand to find the shells. There are no public restrooms or refreshment stands and you should plan on bringing your own food instead of visiting one of the popular restaurants located about a mile down Bowman's Beach Road, as they can get pretty pricey. $2-an-hour parking fee by the shore)
Sanibel Lighthouse (One of the first lighthouses on Florida's Gulf Coast, this station on the island's eastern end used to light the entrance into San Carlos Bay)
J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge (Named after a political cartoonist and conservationist, the J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge was originally meant to conserve the Sanibel Island mangrove forest. Now, the refuge (which occupies 6,300 acres of land or half the entire island) shelters those same mangroves, as well as animals like crocodiles, alligators and a countless number of birds. You can hike or bike through one of the many refuge trails or along the 4.5-mile Wildlife Drive, which is also open for vehicles and an open-air tram.)

Sarasota (Drive along the really good beaches - suggest you stop here for some lunch and drink in one of the bars and restaurants that overlook the beaches)

Chassahowitzka River
(N) (Shallow river with tidal creeks, Oyster bars, Mangrove-populated keys and vast Saltmarsh - recommended to hire a canoe or paddleboard from the campsite to see the river)

Ichetucknee Springs State Park
(N) (Tubing amd Hiking)

The Panhandle
St. Joseph Peninsula State Park
(N) (miles of white sand beaches, striking dune formations, a heavily forested interior, and a favorable climate for year-round outdoor recreation. The 2516 acre park is surrounded on two sides by the waters of St. Joseph's Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. An isolated 1750 acre Wilderness Preserve occupies the tip of the peninsula)
Panama City Beach (White sand and warm Gulf waters)
Destin (Located on Florida's Emerald Coast, which gets its name from its beautiful, clear green water)
Fort Pickens (State park on the beach with camping)

North East
Mayport Ferry (Car ferry ever 30 mins approx $6 - use to avoid driving through Jacksonville)
St Augustine (should be explored on foot) (Nx2)
St George Street (Pedestrian shopping, dining, drinking area)
City Gate (Old city gates)
Plaza de la Constitucion (Central park)
Miniature Tourist Train (Ripley's Red Train Tours - 90 minute tour of the city)
Oldest Wodden School House
Castillo de la San Marcos (Oldest masonry fort in the continental United States)
St. Augustine Distillery Company (Free 30 minute tours) 

Miami Beach (Nx2)
Routes of Interest: Highway 17
Route A1A
Routes US19 and US41
The Tamiami Trail (US41)
The Overseas Highway (US1)
Where to Stay:Miami Airport
Miami Airport Marriott ($114)
Courtyard by Marriott Miami Airport ($100)
Pullman Miami Airport Hotel ($103) 

Super 8 Florida City/Homestead ($56)
Knights Inn Florida City ($44)
Ramada Florida City ($54) 

Bahia Honda State Park
Camping in the State Park ($36) - Booked!

Key West
Southernmost Beach Resort ($381)
Casa Marina Resort, The Waldorf Astoria Collection ($395)
El Patio Motel ($133)
Lighthouse Court Hotel in Key West ($183)

Everglades City
Everglades City Motel ($85)
Captain's Table Lodge & Villas ($85)
River Wilderness Waterfront Villas ($110) 

Periwinkle Park & Campground ($58) 

Chassahowitzka River Chassahowitzka River Campground ($23+tax)

Ichetucknee Springs State Park
Ichetucknee Springs ($15) - 2 nights if staying at weekends

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park
Two campgrounds ($23):
Shady Pines
Gulf Breeze - recommended

Fort Pickens
Fort Pickens Camping ($26) 

St Augustine
Bayfront Inn ($111)
Edgewater Inn ($92)
Historic Inn ($50)
Old Town Inn St. Augustine ($56)

South Beach Miami
Marriott Stanton South Beach ($293)
The Savoy Hotel ($115)
Chesterfield Hotel & Suites ($193)
Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, South Beach ($159)
Useful Links: